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Lite for Life

Restore Your Health Safely and Sensibly

Dr. Seale Harris identified the link between high insulin levels and weight gain in 1924.

You can be sure that the Lite For Life program is safe, healthy and effective because it was developed by a physician based on years of research and experience with thousands of patients, and it is supervised by a Certified Nutritionist with over 28 years specializing exclusively in weight loss.

Born in Cedartown, Georgia on March 13, 1870 and nicknamed "the Benjamin Franklin of Medicine" by contemporaries for his leadership and writing on a wide range of medical and political topics, Dr. Seale Harris' most celebrated accomplishment was his 1924 discovery of hyperinsulinism.

Working with diabetic patients using the newly discovered miracle drug insulin, Harris noticed that patients who received too much insulin would experience low blood sugar symptoms such as weakness, headaches, mood swings, shakiness, forgetfulness, anxiety and irritability.

He also noticed they had a pronounced tendency to gain weight.

Harris correctly guessed that many of his overweight non-diabetic patients were also getting too much insulin—not from insulin injections, but because their own pancreases were overproducing insulin because of the food they were eating.

Using food as his only medicine, Harris successfully developed a weight loss diet to help his patients control their insulin levels and their weight by eating for stable blood sugar.

His work, which was largely neglected after his death in 1957 was discovered by Lite For Life founder and Certified Nutritionist Maureen Sullivan during her own weight loss struggle in the late 1970s. Maureen successfully put Seale Harris' principles to work for herself for thousands of others through Lite For Life.

Because insulin levels are closely linked not just to obesity but to many other diseases and health conditions, following the Lite For Life program is one of the best things you can do to improve your overall health.

Lite for Life
Lite for Life
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